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How To Build A Rocket Answered

a few years ago i came up with the idea of strapping a rocket to a merry-go-round. the little ones in playgrounds not the big ones with horses and stuff. i've been trying to find some sort of rocket hobby community since then but there are surprisingly little. and not a whole lot of instructables on rockets with enough power. so tips? hints on how to at least get started?


I am making an 'ible on rocketry. Coming from a guy who's been into rocketry for a long time, DO NOT point rockets anywhere but up. Chemical rockets made with rocket candy (KNO3 Sucrose) are powerful. Good luck with your rocketry projects! And check out my 'ible when it is finished.

You probably wanted to do this.

Those carnies are the hackerspace Madagascar Institute somewhere in the seedier hipster industrial part of Brooklyn who showed that at Maker Faire.  The jet ponies were never to be seen again, probably due to noise complaints by the neighbors.  A slip ring type of valve or the swivel air valve that the auto mechanic has on his air compressor tools allows the hose to not tangle up. 

Dang, why didn't I think to suggest that?

@zixster, pulse jets aren't such a silly idea. If your engineering skills are up to it, they would be safer than rockets, will run longer, and be much easier to find fuel for.

It's still not too late to build one for the backyard or front lawn this Christmas.

yeah all i would have to do is learn the bascs of engeneering, what a pulse jet is, and how to spell in 10 days. good things m.i.t. has free courses.

now where to get a chicken suit?..

Step 1: Apply to get local noise abatement regulations suspended...

no noise regulations. ala-FREAKIN-Bama :)

which also means lots of rednecks with scrapmetal, welding torches, and a "hold my beer and watch this" mentality.

it will go good next to the inflatable snowman. and the beer advent tree.

bro, do you even science?

if you do, can you tell how they keep the gas lines from kinking up?

Stand the tank on the ride, near where the jet is strapped in place.

(I thought that was too obvious to need mentioning!)

their tank is located in the middle, after the respectable gentleman with the dreadlocks straps the last girl in place, the guy with the water bottle and t shirt tux opens the fuel.

I thought you meant on the ride the OP was asking about.

Try variations on any of these connectors for the ride in the video: http://www.tsbrass.com/products/gas-appliance-connectors

Model rocketry clubs don't make there own engines. They use pre made engines for safety reasons. TO get you started got to a local hobby or craft store and buy a model rocket kit. Or you can go online and purchase the largest rockets you can get your hands on and start playing around with them. The rocket motors will come with there own electric fuses. You'll just need a launcher or a 6V battery to set the fuses off.

what sites online? local hobby stores are more like crafts stores. we don't even have remote controlled cars...it's sad really. and; they have instructions?..right? :)

If you're in the U.S., Michael's carries model rocket engines. They usually have a whole corner of the store devoted to "school projects" -- dioramas, foam sticker supplies, long pipe cleaners, etc. In there, often adjacent to the plastic model cars and stuff, will be some Estes rocket kits.

I'd start small and work up - build a whole bunch of water rockets, strapped to the uprights all around the roundabout, and all plumbed together to one air compressor.

Have the corks/bungs all connected to a single rope, pull to release, then video the result.

Or try the Mentos/diet Coke thing, and make sure you video it - something like that could go viral!