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How To Make Money COLLABORATION Answered

Im going to start an instructable collaboration on how to make money, it will be geared towards kids and teenagers, people who cant/dont-want-to go get a job. Parts will be general money making ideas and some more specific to the summer months, And try to suggest creative ideas to instead of the average babysit, dog-walk and lawn mow. I am looking for some collaborators, so if you want to help out post a comment below and share some ideas. in about 3 days ill choose around 4-5 people to help! I hope there is some interest beacuse lots of kids ask these questions, hopefully it will be great ! Thanks, SMART



10 years ago

Make Easy money selling cold drinks to pedestrians . little inversion . BIG PROFIT

oh , and a small question , do someone know how to make the letter big and small ? ,you know for some comments

yea you put an = sign on etither side of the word/sentence to want to be big
so it makes


ok , thanks

.little invertion. =BIG PROFIT=

no the large letters have to be on a diffrent line

So something ==like this?== Except on a new


Yeah and scoring is adding 2 "~" to each side ~~LIKE THIS~~


9 years ago

Did you ever start the collaboration? Because I'm still interested if you haven't yet.

no sorry i forgot LETS DO IT !!!

I'm working on adding a step about moola.com right now.

Yea i just read it, Very good !, i tried moola once but didn't quite get it, now i understand :P

Thanks. I've been using Moola a lot recently.

cool, made much money yet?

Should we enter the money collab into the book contest if we get it done in time?

yea definitely !! we have until August the 10th, so thats 14 days which i think should definitely be long enough to finish it :P

Yeah, it's looking great!

Cool! Sounds good.

well, there is this one website,
they have a bunch of neat stuff, UV flashlights, key chain universal remotes, memory cards, *sleek* watches, key chain breathalyzers, etc....
so basically, they have a bunch of random stuff - all of which ships for free
+reasonable prices

The thing is, you have to solicit during school

want to know the website?

well here it is: DX
hope you check it out

I love DX I'm waiting on an order from them now, card for the phone, Led strips and other stuff, including one of the best magnet deals I've seen there yet, I got a couple of lasers and stuff aswell, I wasn't amused about the customs change for the torches as I need a couple for something...

ya, i like DX i haven't ordered though, kind of low on money.... The customs changed b/c of the Olympic Games

Aye, nuisance them there athletes... Well my stuff arrives soon and will make for some nice projects...

Lol ya, post some videos of yuou reviewing the product and get some points : -)

Oh right, I'm probably going to save a few up, I spent $60 on it, though that's only a sunday shift at work for me, with change... So at the moment I would have six points, I'll do my reviews and see what I can get then...


10 years ago

Hey, I'd like to collaborate. There are plenty of ways I know to make cash without the ability/willingness to work a job.

  • www.moola.com
  • Selling iPod Chargers, Things that blink to your friends
  • Setting up a drink/sno-cone/cotton candy stand next to a sidewalk

I've got some other stuff but that's the basic idea.

Oh, and just curious... when are you going to make the instructable?

I never made money the "normal" way, and always liked blue-collar work and mechanical things, so I'm not sure I'd have the right tips for all the kids that ask. But I'd be willing to give it a go. I've made a living on odd (and in some cases, really freaking weird) jobs, so I bet I've got some unique tips.

My kids wanted to make a few extra bucks and being younger I don't think they would of done a good job at lawn mowing, So I suggested in febuary why not get a small business started, so they could make a few extra bucks for the summer.. And I got them started with a bit of dirt some small plastic pots and a few packs of tomato seeds and they planted about 400 pots and watered them and fertilized them and transplanted them, until they where ready to go, and I took them to the local gas station (( I know the owners, but it's not hard if you talk to them when you buy gas, you get to know them )) and asked if they could sell tomatos on the corner of the lot right next to the guy selling fruit.. And it was not a problem.. I also made them give the owner of the site payment in the form of a few plants (( Which they accepted with a smile )) And they went about selling them $4 each or 2 for $7 or 3 for $10, and most people would buy 6 at a time, anyhow they where all gone in one long weekend and the following Saturday (( for the people that said they where coming back for more )) All and all they a few hundred bucks, and there investment was not much more then a few hours time watering and selling them the dirt was free and I gave them pots I bought at an action for a few bucks and they paid for the seeds outta there own money, which was only a few bucks a package ... And they got lots of requests for more plants next year .... People for some reason like nice looking tomato plants more then any other plant.... I had a few hangnig baskets and they didn't sell anywhere as fast but I guess most of the people stopping where males and they can grow tomatoes with out being bugged by others ??

um, well if you want to really make money just do this: get a 1$ bill(probably the most unchecked bill, as it is worth the least ammount of money) a scanner and a printer and some green paper(i think you know were this is going)... Just Kidding... no really, Just kidding. do even try this! i would be willing to help. i have some ideas for making money i could put in.

I want to help! An easy way for kids to make money is to collect pop cans. My friend made $70 for 3 bags of crushed cans. Scrap metal is a huge industry

Does he take the cans to a recycling center?

I checked out that link, and I have a question that you might not be able to answer. The going price per pound for aluminum cans is 80 cents, but the price per pound of aluminum foil is only 34. Would aluminum foil not be more efficient (therefore a higher price) to recycle since there is no slag when it is melted down?

I think its because there is a higher ratio of food:foil. Weigh a sheet of foil, cook something on it and then weigh it again. Thats my best guess


10 years ago

How about how to save money?

(note, i got this from a friend) a easy way to make money is to do this: first you need to start out with some money, then on a garage sale day go around to all of the garage sales on your bike and buy all of the cheap video games(you can find them really cheap) keep the ones you like and trade the ones you don't into gamestop to make money(you probably get more money when you trade it in then you bought it for)

I am definitely interested. I am a semi-entrepreneur, so I am willing to pitch in some of my tips.