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How accurate can a line following robot be? (Laser cutter idea inside) Answered

I have no idea how accurate line following robots can be (and this is what I'd some clarification for), but could a cutting laser be mounted to one? The robot would just follow a black line that you've printed out, and in the process would have also cut out the pattern. If that would work, this would allow you to cut out shapes from a huge canvas size, as well as making quick stencils with a fine line Sharpie.



9 years ago

A line following robot can be accurate, just depends on how well you have programmed your microcontroller, and how many IR - sender - reciever pairs you have (of course, the more you have the better, but some microcontrollers can only have about 6 - 8 pairs connected).

. Yep. You can get as accurate as your budget will allow.

I built one from lego, once, and the biggest con would be the hysteresis. Most line followers, since they can only see 1 or 2 points, have to correct themselves while already off-course. The result is a wavy line. A LOGO Turgle might work better ;-)


10 years ago

While the idea is good, there is one problem. Most, if not all line following robots are unable to follow angles of less than 45 degrees. So, yes and no.