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How are ratings (stars) calculated? Answered

How are the ratings calculated?  I used to assume that the number of stars an instructable had was an average of all of the ratings other readers had rated it.  But there have been two times that I was the first to rate and rated a terrible 'ible with a half star (one was just worthless and one deserved negative stars for being really bad advice) and it gets posted as "3.68 stars - your rating 0.5 stars".    When I rated a new 'ible as a 4, it came up as a 4.




6 years ago

I just clicked 5 stars and your question and it shows up as 4.09
and if another person gives a five stars the rating will raise to 4.26 etc.

Authors can not give a self score....

If someone really does some damaging stuff you can flag them,
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it raises to 25, look to your right.

Thanks, I was way ... off there.

That's the scariest horned avatar yet ;)

Hey... I made that scary avatar... :P (It's eating a lego head).

BTW, you can't rate your own posting... at least when my mouse goes over the stars on my own ibles, questions, etc, it says "sorry you can't rate your own..."

So, he joined first.

As I said,  "Authors can not  give a self score...."

*blushing*. You are correct. I read it wrong. oops :P

Thanks all, I usually do a better job of searching for already-addressed topics. Maybe I misspelled my search terms.

I really don't care because it has no real meaning or tangible-substance to it.