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How can I SIMPLY Construct a Greenhouse with a Dog Kennel, being a female, EASY INSTRUCTION ? Answered

I am trying to start a home business with plants, but really need a greenhouse, since I will be purchasing plugs, which will be delivered in February and need somewhere to store until I can pot them in bigger pots. You have such good suggestions and your input would be appreciated!


We just put together a greenhouse out of dog kennel panels. We used four 10x10x6 for the sides (one panel has 2 doors). For the roof we took 2 10x10x4 and put them so across from one side to the other and clamped them on one side. Then we took a 10x10x4 panel and put it on the other side and clamped it long ways to the 2 4 foot wide sections. We then pushed the whole thing up and clamped it to the side. We now have a pitched roof. We haven't put the plastic on yet as it is too windy today. It took less than an hour to put it together. You will need 2 people to push the last side up while the 3rd person puts the clamps on...it helped that they were all 3 over 6 ft tall!

Hi - Just want to know how your greenhouse turn out? I'm getting ready to do the same with my Kennel do you have any pics to help me out with the design I am a visual person.Anything that would help would be great.


I would go with clear plastic as GuardianFox suggests. For the roof, place an old basketball under the center of the plastic, this will provide slope and the round shape will not puncture the plastic. You will have to mind the maintenance of your creation, plastic and sunlight don't last forever. Also, do the job as neatly as possible because a tidy looking creation is better for your psyche!

You already own a metal-cage type kennel? Great! Go to the hardware store and buy a roll of poly plastic (sometimes called vapor-barrier). Thickness doesn't matter much but pick something you won't accidentally poke your finger through. I recommend medium thickness or thicker. While you're there, buy a roll of red sheathing tape (or any other color if available) or clear duct tape. Next, you just wrap the cage like a present. Overlap all your seams and tape both sides if you can. Do the walls first. Wrap the door separately. Leave a couple inches bare at the bottom for airflow, and you should add a vent near the top of one wall (opposite the door is best). Be able to cover the vent with something at night and remove the cover during the day. Do the roof in a separate piece. Assemble it on the ground if you need to use more than one piece of plastic. The roof should be a little loose for the next step, and it should be attached to the walls on the OUTSIDE of the structure, not the inside. We want rainwater to run off the greenhouse, not into it. The next step is to raise the roof. Depending on what you have around, you need to add something to raise the center of the plastic roof so that water can run off of it, rather than pool in the middle of it. This can be a 2x4 or a shower curtain rod or whatever you've got around.