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How can I become popular online? Answered

It seems wherever I go, I can never get good publicity, even if I post good work. Some of my 'ibles are well written, yet have less views and what-not compared to some really cheap 'ibles. On Youtube, my Spinafire account doesn't have many views on the videos, and I have put a lot of work into them. How are people like Kipkay and Kiteman, or Plasmana popular? Is there some big picture that I am not seeing?


. Your writing style is rather choppy and just doesn't have the "flair" that K,K&P; do. A lot of that comes with experience, but look how much I write and my "style" is much worse than yours. If you're serious about this, take some writing classes, both technical and creative. . Your wording comes off as rather juvenile at times, but you are fairly young, after all. Instead of asking "How can I become more popular" it would would better if you asked "How can I increase my viewership?" (not a real good example, but I hope you get the point). Expanding your vocabulary will help. Yours seems to be pretty good for your age, but the more words you know (and can use properly), the better off you will be. Try to learn, and use, 3-4 new words every day. . You write good iBles, I just don't find most of the subjects interesting. But I'm guessing that I'm not in your target demographic. ;) . It appears that Kipkay, and possibly Plasmana, do quite a bit of promotion. Don't depend on ppl just stumbling upon your work. . Photography and/or videography classes should make a good investment. . Don't give up! I'm guessing you're in your teens, so you have plenty of time to to improve. You're asking for feedback and help - that's a good start.

Thank you for the reply. I am in gifted language arts, so I kind of have to learn new words every week. Most I can't use in what I talk about, like to vy or duress. For some quizzical (I was going to say odd :P) reason, we always read stories where people die and the vocab never has happy meanings.

Now and then, the ability to choose precisely the right word will become useful. Retrieving he perfect word while under duress or in order to vie for the upper hand in an argument is even better. But using a word almost, but not quite, correctly (as with "quizzical" there) is worse than not using the word at all.

Instead, think of your growing vocabulary as a key that gives you access to a wider variety of literature. Some of that, of course, will have happy endings. Try reading somewhat difficult texts in fields that interest you.

Perhaps if you tell me in what areas of science you have an interest, I can point out some entertaining mental exercise for you. In the meantime, here is proof that big ideas can be explained with small words.

I would add that "How can I give people what they need and want?" might be a better question than "How can I get more attention?". Yes, promotion is important for getting new visitors and will provide a temporary increase in viewership. Cheap tricks (e.g. scantily-clad women) might even provide a sharp spike in viewership. But eventually you would run out of new people to trick. Good, useful content is what will keep people coming back again and again.

I agree that you should further develop your grammar and vocabulary. You can do this by reading anything and everything you can get your hands on- signs, labels, magazines, newspapers, books. Never stop reading. Especially try to read material that is just slightly too hard for you. Consider that if you want to keep the muscle you have, you need to excercise a little. But if you want to build bigger muscles, you need to push your limits a bit (without injuring yourself, of course). The same goes for reading.

For writing, one excercise to try is that old English-teacher favorite, the five-paragraph essay. Yes, I know it is old, stale, and has none of the flexibility of real-life writing. But trust me, it is good for you. You should especially pay attention to good outline structure and transitions. Organization makes your writing efficient; you can say a lot with a little, which is vital if your average Internet reader has the attention span of a gnat. Transitions make your writing flow. You can use parallelism (carefully chosen repitions of words, ideas, and sentence structures) and transitional expressions (including words like Next, Additionally, On the other hand, Instead, and Therefore) to keep that attention from going astray.

Hmm... Seeing as I write essays fairly often for Language Arts, I think I might try reading instead. I actually don't like reading, even though I am OK grammar and spelling. I prefer science and technology related subjects. Maybe I can read about science...

I went to your YouTube account and perused your videos. Many of them are somewhat middle tier as far as YouTube videos are concerned (they aren't the cream of the crop, necessarily, but they aren't completely mindless crap, either). That said, I think you may be able to improve your viewership on YouTube by improving some of your video techniques. IndyMogul is an online DIY film community that you may be able to get some tips and help from.

Also, if you want to use non-copyrighted music in your videos, The Newgrounds Audio Portal is one of my favorite sources.