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How can I bend a steel wire without a heat source? Answered

I need to bend a steel wire that's about a little less than a half of a centimeter thick. The bend needs to be very clean, and I don't have a heat source. How can I do it?



5 years ago

Cowberger isn't very forthcoming about in the last 2 yrs .

Did He Bend IT

And whose advice is / was best ! ?


5 years ago

Bend a very short metal rod (under an inch)
I just had to bend a metal rod to fit into a lock for a pulley. I couldn't use an allen wrench for the lock because the short side was still too long.
Secure the metal rod in a vice grip or start with a long rod and put that in a metal pipe and have your little brother stand on it. Clamp vice grips vertically at the top of the rod, then put a metal pipe over the handle of vice grips. Bend.
Bonus! Metal pipes and air compressors make glorious spit wad cannons


7 years ago

I often bend rebar (concrete reinforcing rod) using two pieces of steel pipe with an inside diameter a bit bigger than the diameter of the rebar. Slip the two pipes over the bar, butt them together over the bend point, and bend away, leaving one pipe on the ground and pulling on the other. I use 5' pipe sections for 1/2" to 3/4" bar.

What angle are the bends? How sharp do they need to be?

you still did not say how sharp. What is the radius of the 90 degree bend ?

Try clamping it in a vise and slowly bending it with a small plank of wood and a hammer, (the plank helps evenly distribute the load.)

the best way by far is to clamp it in a vice, (one with no teeth or pattern if possible) and slowly hammer it over until it forms a right angle. if you have a hard rubber mallet this would work well for bending, because it will leave less dents. if you have no vice you can always place it between two pieces of hardwood, and then screw the wood pieces together, clamping the wire in between. then you can use the wood just like the vice and hammer it to a right angle. what ever method you use, go slow... that way you can stop if you see cracking or stress marks. good luck

I'd just clamp in a vise (or pliers) and slowly push to the appropriate angle. (Going too fast risks stress fractures.) Works fine when I'm bending small pieces of sheet stock; (Websearch "bending brake" for a description of how larger sheets are typically bent.)

Trying to use heat gets complicated, since heat will change the temper of the steel and you may then have to deal with annealing it back to the desired hardness. Unless you _need_ to increase its ductility temporarily, I suspect that's far more trouble than it's worth.

making a heat source shouldn't be a big issue. Charcoal is available at many places, a hair dryer makes a good blower to get it good and hot. and something to bend the steel over.

5 mm isn't very thick you may well bend it cold, worth a try.

How about heating it on your stove (not electric is it?)