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How can I best remove an RFID chip and antenna out of a card? Answered

I've got a GE Proxlite card that I use to unlock the doors to my office. The card appears to have a seam in it, where I suspect the antenna and chip to be molded in between the two layers of plastic. What I want to do is remove the antenna array from my card, and place the intact array on the inside of my iPhone 4, whose flat removable back panel is perfect for it. 

A clever alternative would be to get another RFID chip and antenna and implant it in the iPhone, and then somehow copy the ID of the Proxlite Card. That would be much simpler, and Im not above spending a few $$$.



Best Answer 7 years ago

The iPhone4 back panel is glass, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it has zero free space in there to add bits. There's a reason it is the form factor it is, it's the bare minimum size they could cram all the stuff in. You can't modify the glass back either, because it is glass and would shatter if you carved it. You may be able to scan/duplicate the keycard in a smaller 'keytag' size and simply gunk that onto the back of the phone, but really its not ideal or IMO feasable.

Yeah it doesn't have very much space back there you're right. The thing is that an RFID chip is so thin its like a piece of paper, which, after a while of tinkering withat Philips #00 I'm sure would fit, it's not like a surgical mold or anything.

If you want to try: Give it an acetone bath. This is a destructive method but it softens/dissolves the plastic. Trouble is, it may dissolve the enamel coating on the magnet wire of the coil. Similar: http://dcist.com/2005/12/14/dissecting_the_.php

yeah the acetone bath is the best solution, should leave the rfid components alone and just attack the plastic

i've seen exactly what you want to do done with an employee access card and it works perfectly


7 years ago

Probably not a good idea. If the iPhone 4 is like the rest, it has a metal back and I doubt that the RFID can be read by the scanner.
It may be a better idea just to attach the whole card to the back with clear, 2' packing tape or a little hot glue.