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How can I build a 15 in 1 out RCA switcher? Answered

I'll have an special room for my retro games and for some others devices (DVD Player, LD Player, VHS Player). In total I'll have 15 equipments In to 1 out (my TV). I tried to find only one switcher, because I'd like to avoid loosing signal having many switchers attached with each other. Someone could help me?


Not sure where you live, but the Big Lots near me has 3 position AV Switches for $5. You would need a total of 7 switches ($35 worth) and however many AV cables (yellow, red, white with RCA ends) you need to cobble it together, which Big Lots also has.

Start by using 3 switches to connect 9 of your devices, then another 2 to connect the last 6 devices (5 switches so far). Take the first 3 switches and run them into another switch (this makes 6 switches at this point). Take the output of this switch and the last  2 switches into the final switch (7!) and out to the TV. These switches should give very little loss since they are mechanical in nature.


Oh my! Well, my intention was to reduce the amount of equipment attached with each other. Also to reduce the cables. I'm attaching an image of how I'm planning to do a game room. It should looks like this.

Thanks for your attention.


5 years ago

I once found a 7 position RF switcher.

Any way  V_RCA switching is not as tricky as RF but still tricky.

There is cross_talk radiation to worry about and that takes shielding
the switch conductor members from each other.

Your best bet is to build an array of three input selector feeding a layer up selector etc

You need three layers of three or eight layers of two.


Here in Brazil I found Switchbox with 5 position, but to avoid having to much equipment attached with each other I was thinking to built one for 15 equipments. The photo I add is from a Splitter, the opposite of what I need. But it looks like of what I have in mind built. I should have the options to choose if I'll be using the DVD Player or the XBox or Snes or Genesis and so on.

Do you think it won't work properly? There isn't some way to reduce the cross_talk radiation? With many switchers I will have a lost of signal quality, won't I?

Thanks for your attention.


Yeah. I'll be using this kind of cables: 1th Photo

I'd like to know if I can build a switcher that can receive 15 equipments using this kind of connection to share for one television.
This one I'll show is a splitter, the opposite of what I need. I don't want it, but it looks like what I have in mind for my problem: 2nd photo.

It should have a switcher that I could choose witch equipment I want to use (DVD or VHS or Snes or Sega Saturn or Genesis or Xbox, etc)

Thanks for your attention.