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How can I build a RC car from scratch? Answered

I'm searching on the web for this but I can't get all of my answers. I want to build a RC car from scratch, and I just want to buy this:

Parts to connect motor to wheels
External communication (e.g. bluetooth, wi-fi)
Material to build the chassis

I have a Computer Science degree and I work with embedded systems, so my major problems here are:

How to choose the correct motor for the job (type of motor, torque, consumption, velocity that I can expect, etc)
The best way to control the chosen motor 
How to connect the motor to the wheels ( I want to make a car with gears, but for the first project it will be fine if it's just a DC motor connected to some wheel, without any axle)

I don't expect you to give me these explanations but only pointing me to some good information source (books, websites, other instructables). The idea with this project it's to make a small RC car controlled by bluetooth/wi-fi with some sensors and using the PCB as part of the chassis.



Can you tell me how to build one

I found most of the things I need in an old DVD player with 3 motors inside it. Just unscrew it and then figure the rest out.

use an arduino with a wifi shield, they are easy to program, and you can even download apps and code to run rc vehicles. i haven't played with the wifi board, but the arduino is a great way to start a project

pretty much all u need is a body, chassi, wheels and the transmitter along to go with a motor and the remote.

Most hobby stores (online or retail) sell all the individual components that make up most high end RC cars. These higher end cars are made to be built from scratch and upgraded as needed. Those who race RC cars often break parts and have to replace them. So everything from the motors, servos, wheels, drive trains, chassis, body shells, transmitters and receivers can be sourced easily.

This site should have everything your looking for. 

Thank you for a realistic question

Much depends on what type of RC car you want to build. Fast racer, off roader or something else.

Easiest way - I have done many times is to use the Picaxe system and either Xbee radio or a simple Infrared controller.

http://www.picaxe.com A bit of a read will tell you a lot.