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How can I build a Solar Powered Camera for Car Detection Answered


I'm looking to build a solar powered camera that detects cars moving past and takes a photo. I've been trialing an off the shelf model that relies on software to detect motion but it does not perform well when the cars are travelling over 15km/h. For this reason I'd like to try and develop a camera that senses the magnetic properties of a car (like traffic lights).

I'm open to suggestions but here's how I picture it working:

Magnetometer detects car > Micro controller > Camera > Micro controller > 3G/4G antenna > Internet.

The system would need to be powered by a battery which is charged by a solar panel.

Send me an email and we can chat on how to tackle the project. I work for an environmental consultancy so we can provide you with proof of an internship. impact.environmental.ptyltd@gmail.com


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Downunder35m (author)2017-01-23

Ready to use solutions are available for years.
Some based on simple IR detectors, other use radar, some fixed installation induction loops in the road.
Transmitting and images can be done with a simple addon sending the data from the SD card at fixed intervals.
Seems your company needs someone who knows how to use Google and contact companies supplying this tech for years ;)

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