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How can I build a platform for a skylight?? Answered

We have a 2ft by 4 ft skylight in our kitchen. I want to build a platform for an herb garden that can be lowered from the skylight.


4 pulleys at the corners running to a place where you can tie them off and let them have slack to lower.  A crank of some sort would be nice to make it easy to lift and lower.  Could be made electrically operated with some extra work.

Or two pulleys if the box/tray is narrow and won't tip.

And since you're using cranks and pulleys, you will HAVE to give them a steampunk theme.


8 years ago

It depends on how high your ceiling is but off hand, I would say build a frame of 2x4 lumber with a lattice work bottom. Use eye hooks in each corner and loop1/8 inch steel cable through the eye bolts and suspend from small pulleys attached to the structural frame around the skylight.
Heart B redwood would be my lumber of choice, its moisture resistant, doesn't  require any finish and Heart B has the character to be an attractive addition to the kitchen.

Rig the pulley system like the kayak rig in the bottom figure except you will only need one for your planter box, not the two as shown.


You could use screw-eyelets and string. You know those screw-things that are bent around into a hoop?