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How can I build a relatively large scrolling LED display able to be outdoors and have programmable messages? Answered

My dad has an interesting idea for his Chevy Blazer project car...he wants a scrolling LED matrix attached to the rear spoiler so that he can have messages shoot across it.  Would it be moderately easy to make this or should I consider purchasing it?  The display would be approximately 3-5" tall by 36" wide.  I would need to know specs on the electronics (LED's, arduino, parts in general).  Also, If it is best for me to purchase it, where should I look for the parts? Thanks.

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Re-designBest Answer (author)2009-11-02

For something like this I would look into buying a premade led sign.

You could build your own but you would have a lot of work figuring it out and buidling it.  The water proofing it. 

I think you could purchase premade programmable led signs for a reasonable amount that would be perfect.

Just watch out what you put on there so as to not be the focus of road rage!

Good luck.

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JimTheSoundman (author)2012-01-27

I bought something like this a couple years ago at Target, believe it or not. It was about $30 I believe and it gave you the ability to program any message you wanted on it, or you could use pre-defined messages. It came with a remote and was somewhat difficult to program if I remember correctly. I have a pickup truck and could never get it to stick to the back window, as it was actually made to sit on the rear shelf above the trunk, so I quit using it.
I'd look on Ebay, I'm sure there is something similar on there.

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Laws0n (author)2010-02-03

I would definitely purchase from Message led signs they have standard sizes on the site, but have very reasonable prices for custom sizes as well for the size you need.

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