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How can I build a small, cheap, water-proof, strong wooden outpost-style shed for my backyard? Answered

I'm looking for one person in particular for his great advice.  His name is Lemony.  I plan to build this thing this summer with my friend.  I want it to have windows and a door.  I also need a way to fold this up when empty (needs to be sturdy, yet have no side supports (needs hinges)) and a way to attach tarp with hooks.

EDIT:I need other people than just Lemony!!!


I don't think you get "cheap" and the other attributes at the same time, at least not unless you have a good source for cheap (recycled?) lumber and the time/skills to build it yourself from scratch. Plans for small sheds are widely available. Hit a library and you can probably find a book with at least one you like. Other plans are available for purchase fairly cheap (around $20). Still others can be gotten for free, but those are generally the ones designed around nailing brackets -- which do simplify construction a great deal (no miter cuts or notches or other complications) but which add to the materials cost. I haven't seen anything which will both fold up and be sturdy without also being expensive. There may be something out there, but ... well, good luck.

I already have most of my materials, I just need a design.

"PM Lemonie" is an idea, and it's even one that meets your first criterion and provides a more direct mechanism for meeting the subordinate criteria.
Here's another idea: Opening with "I dislike you" may not be the most effective conversational gambit when asking people to help you. Just saying.

That may be a good Idea. Note to self-Never start a help statement with "I dislike you".

Well, I was going to try to offer a suggestion but I'll wait and see if L leaves anything out.

Go ahead, I left out that I wanted other opinions as well (just an accident). So go ahead, and please give me an idea!