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How can I build an amplifier to use between some large unpowered speakers and my TV? Answered

 I have two large unpowered speakers (not sure of their ratings) and I'd like to build an amp to power them, since the TV audio out wouldn't be nearly enough juice.

If there's an instructable for this already, that would be awesome.


If you want to start building amps the Zen amp is a great project. You can find everything you need @ passdiy.com. Nelson Pass' diy website. If you want to learn you should learn from the Master of amp world

Isn't the Zen amp kind of a joke? It's class A so while the distortion is low, it is extremely inefficient, underpowered, and not cost effective. For the "two large unpowered speakers" a chipamp from chipamp.com would be better. For an example check out one of my slideshows

The Zen amp is a basic design that can easily produce more power by adding output transistors and suppling them with enough power to operate cleanly. It's a great first amp project. I would say if you don't want to build amps the Zen is to complicated except for the LM3886 you built is almost has complicated and looks to me like a pretty good first amp project.

I'm just curious how it performs? Does it drive your speakers the way you wanted it to?

Why not just get a used home-stereo amp and use that? They're often available cheap or free as people upgrade... and they'll produce better sound quality than most of the things you're likely to build.

This is assuming they can drive the speakers. You really do want to find out what their impedence rating is. It's _probably_ either 8 ohm or 4 ohm, either of which should be fine for most amps, but it's preferable to know before you hook things up so you don't risk blowing the amp.

For a cheap system, removing the amp from a pair of multimedia speakers is probably a good way to do this: of course it won't be terribly hi-fi, but it won't be bad.