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How can I build this cage? Answered

I really want to build my sugar gliders a nicer cage that I can appreciate as well. I found a picture of a BEAUTIFUL handmade cage, but no instructions regarding how I could make it for myself. I'm a complete novice when it comes to DIY projects, but I am extremely enthusiastic! Does anyone have any suggestions / instructions about how I could build this cage? 




8 years ago

I'm afraid that something like that would be way beyond the skill levelof a novice. And unless you have access to a  variety of specialitytools; routers, saws, surface planers, etc. the difficulty quotientrises exponentially.
I would suggest you consider a cabinet of some sort that can be modifiedinto a suitable cage. Perhaps a curio cabinet or display cabinet of somesort could do the job.
Take a look through some furniture catalogs to get some ideas and thenstart looking for a used piece that you can rework.

Excellent answer.

Hit the used furniture shops and the good will store for something that you can alter.

I've been wood working most of my life and have all the tools but I would be hard pressed to make the piece in the photo.  Cutting those angles without proper equipment would be a bear of a job.

I'm sure you can find something that you can alter and make a great cage for you little friends.

I agree that it might be best to start by altering some old furniture.<br /> <br /> This is a great example of a cage made from an old armoir:<br /> <a href="http://empressofcreativity.blogspot.com/2007/09/my-diy-aviary-and-its-new-residents.html">http://empressofcreativity.blogspot.com/2007/09/my-diy-aviary-and-its-new-residents.html</a><br /> <br /> She even gives <a href="http://empressofcreativity.blogspot.com/2007/09/diy-from-armoire-to-aviary.html">instructions on how she did it</a>.<br />

.  That looks an awful lot like an octagonal aquarium.  Maybe you can get some  hints by looking at aquarium plans and instructions.

Thanks for the feedback! I understand that it would be a difficult project to undertake, and I'm comfortable with creating something that doesn't look quite as nice as the one in the picture (there's no way I'm going to even try constructing the storage unit + drawer on the bottom), I'm really only interested in the cage with the top part. I have access to tools, and a father that knows how to use them, so I'm hoping that with a lot of persistence this project will eventually pay off... I really like the suggestion about finding a woodworking forum, I'll definitely give that a try. Thanks again!

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(<a href="http://www.sugar-gliders.com/images/athena.jpg">Link for convenience</a>) While I'm not inclined to balk as much as Burf might, he is correctthat you'll want at least a few power tools (first in my mind was abandsaw), or your cage simply can't be that beautiful.<br />However, it is good that you have extreme enthusiasm. You'll need tochannel that into patience and perseverance as you study the picture andextrapolate your own designs from it.<br />Imagine to yourself what cuts of wood you'd need, what dimensions they'dneed to be, and how you'd cut them and what you'd do to put themtogether, and make them look good.<br />Keep in mind that you'll probably make a lot of mistakes (and probablythereby throw away a good bit of money), but you'll need to maintainyour motivation through it all and keep trying.<br />Try to find a way to contact the builder you want to emulate. If youcan't, then find a forum of woodworkers and try to find someone with alot of patience who knows how to coach you through what you're doing.<br />And last, but not least, <strong>make an Instructable about it</strong> along the way so that others who share your interest will be able tofollow your path!<br />