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How can I control a dc gearmotor from an R/C reciever, which was designed for servos? Answered

 I am designing a sumo bot with radio control. I need to use contenuously rotating motors with lots of power to drive the robot. I do know how to modify my servos so they contenuously rotate, but I don't think they will have enough power to push around the other robots. I was thinking of using my 12v gearmotors instead of the ones contained in servos, but I don't want to destroy my servos to do it.


It depends what class of Sumo you are entering.

Modified Servos are quite common in mini sumo (the 10x10cm formula)

Anyhoo, why not be indirect? If you are capable of controlling the servos, why not use the servos to control the bigger motors, say by turning variable resistors or throwing switches?

You need to buy electronic speed controllers with reverse function. Similar to what would be used on a tank model. They plug into the receiver and the motor plugs into the speed controller.

THANK YOU. Sometimes its hard to find what one needs if you dont know what the name of the device is. One question though, The battery I have to run the reciver is <5 volts. Is it possible to add a transistor to amplify the voltage just to the motors without messing up the ESC's function?

No, you will use a different battery for the motors.

If you use the same motor when the motor starts getting low the receiver may malfunction and you loose control of your robot.  You might even get interference from the motor if connected to the same battery.