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How can I extend my stay in UK? Answered


I hope that you are fine.
I need to seek advice in a matter related to my visa/stay extension in UK. I am an international student and have done Masters this year, hence have a tier 4 visa. My visa is going to expire on 3rd of February  next year. There is a good chance that I might stay in UK for a year or two if I get an extension of 2-3 weeks as there is a good chance that I might work for the university from which I graduated. The only hindrance in my way is that it would be until end of January that the job that I am interested in, would be advertised. The description in the job will be well suited to the area of my expertise, so there is a good change that I'll get it.

Furthermore I wanted to add that I have been working for the same university for a period of two months as a research assistant, but it was a contract based job and has already been finished. Can I get a tier 2 visa on the basis of that?

In addition to that I have a conference paper to be presented in April. the deadline for the submission of abstract is 21/12/12, and I'll submit an abstract before I reach the deadline. I'll receive confirmation that my paper has been included in the conference within one and half month. Will I be able to extend my visa based on my conference paper? I have read on the UK boarder agency website that if you want to appear in a conference then you'll have to apply for a business visa, and it was enlisted that for this visa category you might not have any intentions to work in UK. Can my student visa be extended based on my conference paper and can I apply for visa extension a week or two before that date of my visa expiry?

It would be really nice if you could help me out with this mess as my hopes are diminishing as the days pass by.

Kind Regards


i do beleive if you marry someone you can stay longer.

The best people to speak to are your university. They have people in place to deal with questions like these and will know you and your circumstances better than we do, they also deal with things like this on a daily basis. Ask someone where you can find international student services.

As you are already in the UK, you need to contact the UK Border Agency [click here].

The part of the website you need is probably this section

A word of advice: be honest in your application.  If you are tempted to bend the truth to your advantage, and you are discovered, you will lose all rights to stay in this country, and be deported.

Get in contact with your embassy or consulate. They will be able to provide much better information than internet guessing and speculation and they deal with this sort of thing all the time. Also do it now because it can take time to get these things done and you don't want to miss the deadline and have to leave.

+1 Even if someone here had first hand experience with a Visa in the U.K., that doesn't mean they can help you with your situation. You need to discuss your affairs with the proper authorities in order to get accurate and meaningful advice.