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How can I find my missing cell phone? Answered

I cant find my cell phone. Its been missing for a while so its out of charge. It could be at one of two houses but Ive looked everywhere.



4 years ago

try looking where you last had it with you duh :I

Actually, as with some cell phones, as long as it wasn't used, it may not be out of charge even if it was left on. Just a thought.

In the future, you should try services like iTag that can track your phone from a website. You can just look on there and see the exact location, or the last location before the battery died. iTag is free, I know there are some other ones but I think they charge for service. itag.com/login.htm

 I also see this is an old question but did you try calling it 


8 years ago

 I realize this question is old, and surely you have most likely found (and as technology goes, replaced) this cell phone. However, I felt here is the best place to post this:


They do not save any information.

Check with your service provider - they may have a child find service - in which case you can often activate it for a month free trial, report you need to find your 'child' - and they'll give you the last known coordinates from the phone. A friend of mine did that and sure enough, someone found his phone, forgot picking it up and putting it in their baby carriage, so when he persisted it was INSIDE their house - they searched and he got his phone back!

If its out of battery, then your out of luck the only way you can find it is the old fashion way, inch by inch

If ringing it doesn't work, look down the back of the sofa.