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How can I find the pinout for my flyback transformer? Answered

I have already looked at the lab hv-ps page and cannot find the pinout for my flyback transformer. Can anyone help me?


Try typing any model numbers on the side into google, it might come back with a datasheet.

That didn't work for my flyback transformer, which was probably dated to the early '90s.

The multimeter method work OK most of the time.  Some transformers have built in caps so a multimeter won't tell you much about them.

Here's a link that's great for getting more info about finding the pinouts.

Here's an even better one.

If you have the model number you can probably find the exact pinout by googling "flyback transformer pinout". 

The windings in a transformer are just copper (usually) wire. The impedance felt by alternating current is due to the inductance of the windings. To direct current, they present a low impedance / resistance. For this reason, if you want to find the pinout, get to work with a multimeter. Continuity between pins, and a quick ponder, will give the pinout.

Contact the manufacturer.