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How can I fix a blackened chip on the edge of a decorative mirror? Answered

It's an oval unframed mirror. On one small spot, viewing into the reflection,
the edge is blackened. It isn't chipped, on either the back or front. Is there
anyway to disguise the edge or give it a silver sheen?



7 years ago

If some of the reflective stuff is missing, even if the glass itself isn't chipped, you can tape a piece of reflective Mylar on the back over that spot... assuming that the reflective mirror stuff is sturdy enough to be taped to without damage. The reflected image won't be as sharp there, but it also won't call attention to itself the way black does.

Are you perhaps just seeing through the thickness of the glass edge at that point?

Hm. That's not a bad patch. As you say, it's not really a fix, but it would make the issue less visible.

Obvious solution would be to frame the mirror. Or put the mounting clip over that spot, or put some sort of decorative trim there.

That's assuming it's really bad enough to be worth doing something about. It sounds like the kind of thing which will go unnoticed by anyone but you.