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How can I fix a gas tank crack? Answered

I have an old chainsaw that has a little crack in the gas tank (plastic), it's not very big, but it will drain the entire tank in a few days, messing everything nearby. So, I had enough of the gas smell in my workshop and decided to repair it, but I don't know how. Can somebody tell me how?


Epoxy with fiberglass. If it's not too tight give it few good layers all over the tank not just the broken part.

I can't do that becouse the leak is in the place where the handle meets the chainsaw, so, I don't have clearence for fiberglass


4 years ago

They make a kit for fixing gas tanks. Its intended for car gas tanks but will probably work with any tank. Included in the kit (at least with mine) is an epoxy that not only resists the gas but will actually harden while submersed in gas. You can fix a cars tank even when its leaking. I had the tank in my pickup leak and the stuff worked like a charm. You can get it an auto parts store.

In the long run it may be better to buy a new tank - they can't be expensive.

Epoxy (Josehf Murchison ) may work

Steel gas tanks are easier just clean and fiberglass, my old F150 had a tank like a sieve until I glassed it.


Flush and wash off the tank with ethanol when it is clean let it dry then epoxy.