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How can I fix broken headphones? Answered

Ok, so I have 2 headphones, both of them can only play through one of the 2 earbuds, but while the ipod earbuds can play through the right headphones, the noise canceling ones can play through the left. I know its a problem with the wires, because i can still squeeze sound out of the dead earbud if I adjust the wire right. How can I fix without buying a new pair?



Best Answer 9 years ago

That happened to me with two pairs of ear buds, I tried to tape with both of them into a position where it worked, but I had to keep reajusting them. Eventually I just got a new pair of earbuds.

I had exactly the same thing so I attached wires and did the diddly bits, but eventually they broke again so you might as well get a new pair.

I always thought that the company who created the earbuds made it break like that so you would just go get another pair, and they'd earn money..O.o anyway The same happened to me I:

It happened to me when my headphones broke down, but I tried to hit with the table and it was dead. Finally, my mom gave me a pair of headphones.

same thing happened to me, try pushing them in just enough so you can hear sound while still seeing a little silver/gold bit of the plug. when i did this i could hear out of both ears but it is a little quieter.


9 years ago

Cut the wires just above, andjust below where you pinch the wires to make them work. Resolder the connections... seal with electricians tape or heatshrink.

I cant really solder, and Im not a wireworker... I dont have the skillz.

Get / borrow a soldering iron, it's not that hard (and there are instructables on the subject). ZEROGX is right, it's this or throw them away...


Have you tried taping it in place when you squeeze the wires to the right spot? You could use electricians or regular tape.

When I try, it always goes back to broken.