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How can I fix small dent? (Jewelry making) Answered

So I tried making jewelry from a cluster of amethyst. It wasn't after I glue it in then sanding that I notice the small dent. I believe those dent was cause by my mistakes (It's my first time working with metal). I don't want to scrap it and do it from the beginning....
I'll appreciate it if you can help.


1. Not bad for a fist time.

2. The bit round the edge is called the Bezel

3. You can try rubbing along the bezel with a smooth object like a screwdriver.

4. OR Put a second bezel on the outside with more care! make it slightly higher and then rub down the edge over the existing Bezel so it looks like it is holding the stone.

In actual fact the stone shouldn't be glued in at all. The purpose of the bezel is to hold it in place by bending over the edges..

I see, I haven't heard of a bezel before, this is my first try without any research. Guess I should research more next time... I learn how to do this when I watch the show "How it's make", so yeah... ¬¬"

The dent is cause when I uses pliers to bend the bezel or when I use file to sand down the soldered edge without putting the stone in so it got bend when I press it down.. I'll use a smooth object next time


Very correct .... I didn't want to get into stone edge shaping with a newbie.

I don't know if your glue will tolerate it but using a low temp solder you could try to fill the holes/dints.
But I guess if you just polish it noone would care about the dints, I think it gives the whole thing a nice personal note.
I noticed your glue is slightly green, there is good, clear resin and 2K glue available which would allow have the pieces "glassed" in.

I used epoxy (the black and white kind), this epoxy doesn't seem to tolerate when heated but the smell is awful. I think I'll try polish it first and hope that the dent are not too visible.

Thanks for your suggestion

It's all a learning process. i taught kids to make jewellery for 15 years - some learned and did well some didn't - BUT all started off having to learn mostly by doing so keep at it.


3 years ago

Any chance of heating the whole assembly enough to get the epoxy to let you remove the amethyst.

Then clean off the epoxy remnants and of course your mounting can be cleaned to any level you desire.

And then re-mount using the clear resin suggested by Downunder :-)