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How can I get a cheap 3D printer and not have to do complicated building? Answered

How can I get a cheap 3D printer and not have to do complicated building? 
I want to be able to make things, but don't have much money and I can't build them very easy. 
I would preferably want under $1000.  



Best Answer 7 years ago

I am one of the Admin with RepRap.

There is no "out of the box" 3d printer for less that $1000, the lowest cost out of box printer is the Up! by www.pp3dp.com at $2700, but their plastic is pretty expensive.

The cheapest no soldering kit is the Bit's From Bytes NS kit (No Solder) at $1480

If you want a sub $1000 3d printer you will have to assembled it yourself, and that's a good thing. ALL 3d printers are break prone, even the $20,000 printers break a lot, that's why they require you get a service plan. With RepRap the service plan is you put it together, so you know how to fix it.

I have printed 30+ plastic sets, built 8 RepRaps, 3 Makerbots, and a ToM, trust me they are not hard. The world RepRap community is there to help. Read the wiki and go into #reprap off Freenode IRC. We can help you get started, and all the parts you need are only $400-$500. :) Come join us, 3d printing is the best hobby in the world!

you could look at xyz printing's Da Vinci 1.0 or 2.0 they got for around 400-600

The Printrbot is quite cheap, $500 plus shipping. Their store is not open yet but in a couple months you should be able to get a kit that assembles in about 45min. You can't get preassembled for that cheap, but printrbot comes pretty close.

The cheapest I have seen a legit 3d printer is for $200. That is the base price. The premium one is $400. It can print as large as 110mm x 150mm x 90mm (X,Y,Z).

Dude check out this site high quality under $200 http://3dprintingsystems.com/

Just visited this site. Very cool printer, but what I saw could only be classified as under $4000.00


6 years ago

Try http://www.makergear.com/products/mosaic-3d-printers .
They have a kit for $900. Have no idea how well it works or know of anyone who has one. This is an Informational note only. If you build one, please post your experiences. Cheers

Unless you're friends with someone who would print you some reprap parts -- oh wait, that involves building. Sorry dude, not going to happen in the near future.

I wouldn't mind things but I CANT spend too much time or $$ on this. Thank you for your kind comment!

Starting from$440 up to $500 for the deluxe version, got to be quick though

They're not cheap, or easy to build, they just aren't.
Reprap would be one of your options.


For the most part making things is easier from scratch and by hand.

Having used expensive commercial 3D printers the effort and time to draw the product in 3D + the cost of the CAD software and the machine and the materials makes it not worth while -

It isn't a short cut to making things any more than an electric saw will make anything - just reduces the effort of one small part.

maker bot but its a little more than $1000

Under 1000 you're stuck with a reprap, makerbot, or their clones. But...if you want to make things with it, but not have to make it...you're in trouble.