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How can I get a smooth cut when cutting plastic bottles? Answered

I am cutting the bottom portion of  a LOT 12 & 24 oz soda bottles (green craft!) and I am having problems getting a smooth edge. Right now I'm using a miter saw with a very fine plywood blade in backwords. I need something that would work quickly and not too time consuming.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Band saw with a fine tooth blade.

Start the cut and then rotate the bottle rather than push it through the blade

Thanks, this helped. After cutting the bottle, I used scissors (another tipster here mentioned them) to even out the cut.

I think I might try this. Do you think I should freeze water in the bottles first?

Actually, rotating the bottle against a simple knife blade (razor blade?) might work pretty well, if you can keep it from deforming too much.

Would scissors be too time consuming? That would be my tool of choice.

Scissors has my vote too.
I've found soda bottles deform too much using any other method.

I was actually thinking about partically putting water in so far up and then freezing the bottles. ????

If you use the band saw then you shouldn't need to do any freezing. I would avoid getting the blade wet. Just make sure that the part that is being cut is on the bottom, on the table. That's why I suggested rotating the bottle. The blade moves down through the table so it will support the plastic at the point that it exits through the table. This way it won't distort or crush. The hardest part will be making the initial cut. After you do the first few and get the method down it should just fly through the rest.

Hey Thanks Vyger! and to everyone else also...great ideas and thanks for all your help!

This is the band saw that I have, and now its on sale for $30.00 less.


WOW!!!! Thanks Vyger :) Again!!!!!!

Cool! Thanks for your input...I'm going to try this as soon as I can buy a band saw...Thanks Vyger

Unfortunately for me yes....I have arthritis and nerve damage in my right hand/arm ; (

oh and then take some sand paper afterwards and smooth it out a little bit i do not condone sing and heated objects because the fumes from the plastci when heated are extremely toxic

clamp the bottle just enough to keep it steady and then make a small cut then unclamp the bottle turn it a little reclamp it and do the same until it is fully cut i suggets using an exacto knife

Is a Hot-wire cutter the same as a foam cutter? If so, I did try it, but the fumes were too much for me

Hm. There ought to be a temperature at which it cuts without vaporizing too much, but... Oh well; 'twas worth a thought.

Anyone selling a band saw cheap?? LOL!