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How can I get faster for football? Answered

I am a soon to be 7th Grade Center. In my past four years of being center, I have had ZERO fumbled snaps, I have out performed centers four years older then me, and I am the best blocker in my school.  I just need some more speed becasue the middle school is different, they pick the twelve fastest players to play offense and defense, out of like fifty people. I do not want to pay for some speed program.


You, my friend should try guirella cardio. Twenty seconds of full on sprint, ten seconds of walking. Four minutes of that will do you some good.

Steriods. It's the only reasonable solution if your serious.

work out do leg stretches before every game and run up and down stairs and/or hills by the way if you can look at my instructable "so your buying tackle football equipment " thax

Doing sprints will make you quicker- sprints train the particular muscles needed for quick leg speed.  Longer running will also help with overall cardio conditioning which will help with reducing fatigue thru the game.

You will see large improvement for about 2 weeks and then you will feel like you aren't making any improvement but keep working and you will break thru this "plateau".

Don't forget to eat well and get rest between work-outs.  Listen to your body- pain is your body's way of telling you to be careful!

Good Luck with try-outs!

To get better speed try cardio exercises, they will improve your endurance and allow to you run faster for longer periods of time. Over time combine cardio with obstacle training to round out your workouts and allow you to work on balance and problem solving while fatigued.

There's no magic formula, just practice, and more practice. Good luck.

Practice makes better. Ask your gym teacher to help you work on your sprint speed. Go work out on the track, or find other opportunities to run.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?