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How can I get more knex? Answered

I am trying to buy more knex pieces for knex guns, but many tubs have "micro knex". I don't want that. Could anyone tell me how I could get more (regular) knex?


Unfortunately, Knex has started making micro sizes and don't produce the regular sets anymore. But here are some other ways: You can always look on eBay, they have TONS of good deals and you could have a friend buy them for you. I got a set of 4,000 pieces for only $76. Just type in Knex in the search bar and narrow down your description by clicking Building Toys, then Knex, and go from there. For me, I searched used knex because they are a lot cheaper. Another alternative is to wait for those spring garage sales. You would be surprised how many good deals you can find. Hope this helps!

they still make classic only if ou go on knex user group reply to me if you hate micro knex and want the classic knex back. say i do if you want to reply

micro kn-ex is so annoying because its all for stupid kids and all this kid knex rubbish. but here is some advice you can go on knex user group and there are millions offers. DON'T GO ON AMAZON BECAUSE THEY DO MICRO KN-EX AND KID KN-EX. don't follow the manuals make your because they put bits there what they don't need and it wastes kn-ex. Bid on eBay and get better offers but to warn you this can be annoying because someone will put a bid in a higer bid in and that's guaranteed on the eBay website

knex has turned to lego we want it back knex has turned to lego we want it back

knex has turned t o lego if you dont go on ebay

you can still buy the 6 foot ferris wheel that set has no micro knex or bricks
and loads of normal knex

you can better buy 4 big ball factory's for the same price and you have 4000 pieces more than the 6 foot ferris wheel;-)

You can go to Wal*mart and by the Loopin' lightning coaster.

 ebay, craigslist knex.com

Well, got outside and slap your next door neighbor with a fish so hard the he/she will give you all of their knex.

Almost every gun there is a KKC (killerk copy) and the admin is that dude who stole the OSNJCKMA2 and Ooda's semi auto.

At least he's quitting! You should post a comment on his thread telling him that you're responsible enough to take care of the site (he's look for someone to take his place).

The Loopin' Lightning has about 400 regular parts in it (mostly red and gray rods and 3D Connectors).  Just ignore the micro parts if you don't like them (or you could always try them out).  It's about $40 at Wal-Mart.

ebay, I got a good 8000 peices for $40.

luckyy, i checked Nov 28th 2009, and all they had was lot's of 1000 or less...
i love knex, good for a person who like's building, or creating.
it would be awesome if in store's you could buy big bulk crate's or what ever of knex ( like 1000 piece's + ) for a pretty cheap price.:P

Get a job, Go onto ebay, and buy some K'nex.


check out the knex sale on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am running out of knex pieces and i hope that the people who made micro knex will die. I am F***ing tired of find more F***ing micro knex and someday i will destroy them. i'll just go to ebay( i'm lonely).

Whuhahahaha wre gonna make the Let-the-inventors-of-the-bullshit-bricks-and-mini-knex-die-and-bring-back-the-orirginal-knex-back-inator.And use it And no one can stop me whuhahhaaaa

Yeah, k'nex is killing itself with bricks, micro, and new piece efficient models... at least we have instructables =|

its ok i straped them to a fire cracker well crackers and watch the fire works it all just became melted plastic lumps and i agree.

EBAY!!! 12ft Of knex chain tenner RESULT

I Got 3500 pieces off craigslist. MY mom only let me get them cause the guy lived in avery upclass neighborhood. (Million dollar homes) and i got them for 15$

lol, i bought the ferris wheel set hoping that i would get all big peices for making guns, but all are micro, i hate micro and bricks!!!!!!


9 years ago

Well the easy way to get regular K'nex is Ebay, But no one has explained why. K'nex, like all consturction toys, have to improve sometime. When K'nex is manufactured, They don't have our pourposes in mind. They only think they are a company that makes the toy, Sells it with specific instuructions and ships it out to be played with by building sets. Just like LEGO, they always come out with new things. But unlike LEGO, They created new types of pieces. But go to ebay to keep our wonderful site running with K'nex!


9 years ago

ebay is the place for knex! i found a deal that included 500 of each basic piece with gears and two motors for not 70, not 60, not even 50 but 30 dollars! also down with micro and bricks! LEGO copiers!

If you look on sites like ebay, kijiji or craigslist, you can find some

i hate micro knex

They seriously replaced everything with micro and bricks now T_T I'VE BEEN SHOPPPING EVERYWHERE AND ALL I GET IS MICRO Time for eBay :D



9 years ago

can i add on to KnexStealths? Used knex may be a lot cheaper, but it certainly is more used, weak and broken. My 3000 pcs set came with about 100 broken pieces, not much if you have bought a lot, but it is also important. one of they was even a grey rod that someone had twisted lengthways (don't know how they did it).

Twisting a rod lengthways is very possible. Just hook one end up to a drill set on high torque, and put extreme pressure on the other end of the rod. Pull the trigger on the drill. At least that's how I did it lol.

hmm. i feel bored... lets kill some knex!

you can always complain if you paid too much for broken knex.

nah. it was only about 200 pieces, and i got it quite cheap (£35 total for 3000)