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How can I get past a library download blocker? Answered

I'm at a public library because we got rid of my old computer and now I have to go to the library if I need to do anything on a computer. I want to get a flight simulator to work on these computers but it says that the action has been blocked by an administrator so i saved it to my thumb drive and tried it from there, still a no go. anybody got any sugestions?


Actually, go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools and click on the computer, says Computer Management once there, go to Local Users and Groups click Users there should be, in the right window, a list of users, one will be Administrator, another a company name, and one more administrator, likely with the computer name log in using that file's name, usually no password, and you will be on an administrator's account :P have fun downloading/installing!

i have the same problem with the computers at my school they wont let you install games but we have winrar on them so if you zip the file up you can run the game by clicking on it in winrar hope this helps

ok have u got the game installed on your computer at home if so get a fixed exe for it so that you dont have to use the disk then zip the whole file in your program files up then it should work

ok ummmm what is winrar, i tried opening the zipped file and it said to insert the last disk, what dose that mean?

The Library machines are not provided for playing games - they've probably got them sewn-up tight enough that you can't. (forget it) L

Lemonie has a point. First check the terms of service to see if playing games is even allowed.

Whether it's allowed or not isn't the point. Free to use public access machines are generally heavily restricted. In my central library none of the drives, ports buttons, etc are accessible. L

Also true. However, my suggestion of playing the online simulator would depend on the written rules.

all it says it that you will not use it for illegal purposes, and the flight simulator i want to use is a download, i have yet to find a good online one

thanks, thats a real pain though, im having flight simulator withdrals. lol

Download portable firefox and portable tor, configure firefox to use tor as the proxy server, or use tor button addon. in tor set it it to use a proxy server and use the settings in the browser that blocks it. you shoul dno wbe able to go to any website you want, but be warned, it will be slow.

im trying to download something, altough this might be helpful for other purposes

You can try my advice here, but it's probably the installation that is blocked by the administrator. The Linux LiveCD may not work for you either, if these computers have a BIOS password rather than just a Windows one.

See if you can use someone else's computer to install the program to your flash drive. Then take the drive out, uninstall the program from the computer, plug the drive back in, and see if the program runs just from the drive.

If it will not, you have a couple good options: Search for a portable application version of the program, or an online simulator.

If all else fails, you can ask the librarians for the form you need to get software added to the computer. Or, you can get another cheap computer of your own.