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How can I haunt my yard dramatically and cheaply for halloween? Answered

I live in neighborhood that has about 400 kids trick or treat annually. Every year I do a little more decorating of my yard. Last year we had a fogger and did a vampire theme. I want to wow them this year. How can I haunt my yard that is a corner lot with large front porch, dramatically and cheaply?


I am a home haunter also. There are an incredible amount of haunter groups on line with lots of good tips, but the best overall that I've found is http://www.garageofevil.com
There are instructions for the basic novice up to programming computerized haunts and everything in between. Plus if you join their group the members are always eager to help brainstorm ideas, share experiences, offer bargains they have found, provide links to websites and much more. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I am a member and I think it's great.

You could make a fog chiller. This is make from a foam cooler and makes your fog hug the ground. There are lots of different links on the web about that.

A good place to start is: Haunt Project