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How can I hide the horrible sink in my bedroom? Answered



If it's a sink you need to hide -

  • If you need to be able to use the sink; curtain it off, or hide it with a bamboo or paper blind (cheap at import stores) hung from the ceiling.
  • Find an old (or new :) cabinet or armoire that's big enough to fit over & around the sink with the back of the cabinet and any interfering shelves removed. If it's big enough, you can still use the top and/or bottom shelves while the sink occupies the space in the middle. (If the cabinet itself is ugly, you can paint it or just drape an attractive cloth over it.)
  • A sink can be the world's most perfect planter. Cover the drain with a scrap of window screen or landscape cloth to keep potting mix out of the plumbing, and plant some sort of vining houseplant that will grow to cover and hide the sink. Built-in drainage, and you'll be able to water your plant(s) just by turning on the tap :).

I thought it said "stink" too (like Kiteman) it might be worth clarifying whether this is a "stink" or a "sink".

If it is a stink - remove the sources. That means cleaning the place and removing laundry-to-do. Opening the window might help too?


Wash your socks? It really depends on the source of the smell - is it damp in the walls? Forgotten pizza under the bed? Or have rodents found their way in through the skirting boards and nested in your drawers?