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How can I improve the antenna of my FM modulator? Answered

I have a car (2003 Mitsubishi Galant) with the radio antenna embedded in the rear window.  I want to add an antenna to my FM modulator to improve the signal quality.  How can I determine the best antenna length and placement?

I already have information on how to mod the device. It's a Soundfeeder SF100.

And yes, this will become an Instructable eventually.  :-)


.  Just about any antenna designed for FM (88-108MHz) use will work. The problem will be in figuring out how to mod the SF100 to accept an external antenna.

you have to do is you design your antenna like this picture to super powered antenna.


This is funny! Though I don't think it will fit in a car!

 This is what my husband did - http://drupal.brainstomp.net/?q=node/10 to hack a Monster iCarPlay in the same manner.