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How can I keep hair from clogging my casters? Answered

I am a Pet Groomer and use a stool with casters to move about during long stints of detailed scissoring. During the week my casters become so clogged with hair that they will no longer turn. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? What type of casters will not collect hair or will not be clogged?



9 years ago

at my kid's elementary school they put tennis balls on the bottoms of all the chairs so they can easily slide without making an annoying high pitched scraping noise and not damage the lovely linoleum floors. Pretty cheap and easy

Use PVC pipe to make a "gunk guard". Cut a short length of PVC pipe for each caster. Use a diameter of pipe just larger that your caster, and cut it to a length just short of hitting the arm that your caster mounts to. Make your cuts stragiht and smooth or fix them with a file. These will allow your casteres to move freely as intended, but plow the junk out of the way for the most part. If you're getting hair in through the tops you'll have to come up with an umbrella!