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How can I make LED tea lights remote control ON/OFF? Answered

I want to be able to remotely turn off a bunch of cheap electric LED tea lights.  I have a total of 15 in a room I want to be able to turn ON/OFF with an IR remote but dont have a clue how to start.  They will be situated in votives around the room so they can not be connected together so I think I will need a circuit on each tea light.  I have looked into buying units already made but they are way out of my price range for this project.  Thanks so much for your help.



6 years ago

Here is a link to IR receiver module app.
And I include how I would start designing a Votive IR switch
don't worry about the values because the  start circuit was 9-12V.


Will any IR signal trigger the flip flop? If I am using the TV or other remote will it be triggering the LED's on off?

You have not read the material links.
The first pic responds to a 40Khz maybe someone knows or has measured
the TV remote or you can look it up, I don't remember back when I did.

As I said it is a start where I would begin ,
I really don't have the detailed answer.
You need to do some of your own work.
After all this site is an instructable site.
TI sells 3 Volt smd individual edge triggered flip-flops.

Here is a problem for you to work on. This block design will flip every time
a signal is detected. What happens if some votives don't see the signal
to turn on and you send again ( some will turn on others turn off )
How will you fix this ??

Read some of what was pointed out for you.

Learning is stretching the little gray cells,
Stretching can be a bit painful.
Eventually learning is fun.



6 years ago

Each tea lite must have an IR LDR A FLIPFLOP a state decoder receiver
and a 2 stste transmitter.

Can you point me in the right direction. If I can read how to do that somewhere I will be able to implement it. Thanks.

Sure look at the Related ibles on the right side of this page.
Study the IR Detector, the blue LED, the PICAXE and RGB mood.

Are you intending to use 3v smd FF to keep it small ?

Yes I want it to be small so it will still fit in a tea light votive.

RF is all around you so you would have to encode and decode.
IR presumably, would be the only IR in the room.

So I would have a decoder and ir ldr on each tea light and the ir transmiter would control all of them. Now I just need a circuit schematic for an IR on/off switch. I have looked online and can only find a schematic that works off AC line voltage. Any help with a schematic and parts to use with the tea light 3v battery voltage?

Would it be better to us RF or IR in your opinion?