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How can I make RGB LED lights change color with a switch? Answered

I would like it to have five options: Red, Green, Blue, White, and a pulsing, changing color. What switch can I use and what parts would I need?


This may be a good start for you.


This instructable will set you up with 6 buttons to control the LED. You get 2 buttons per color channel. Allowing you to increment any single color up or down to create any color you desire. You won't need a White LED as the RGB can create white.

You can use switches if you use a RGB LED like this one.

Then it is just resistors to make the current 20 ma to the three anodes of the led, a switch and battery.

This LED will do 8 colors with added diodes to the three anodes.


Question: The third anode controls what color the LED will output correct? How? As I remember, different frequency relates to different voltage inside the control anode. What (numbers please) voltage or frequency creates which color?

On this LED

The longest is common

then 1 red 2 green 3 blue

Some RGB LEDs are two pin and change color by current and time.

There are 3 lead LED that are two color and there are 3 lead LEDs that are seven color pin out Mode, Vcc, and Ground.

If you can get the data sheet it is better than looking at the LED and guessing.

Like this Datasheet



2 years ago

ive tryed everything but it does not work

I would like to help you.

What is your skill set and experience ?

Be verbose ( lots of details )...

I'm no mind reader what is every thing, what resistors, what voltages, can you sketch everything ?

To do changing colours, you'll need some electronics, not just a switch.

You implied you wanted to do it with a switch only. By far the simplest method would be to use an arduino, or clone.

Thanks, but I didn't imply that. If you would read the question, you would see I asked what parts would I need.

"I would like it to have five options: Red, Green, Blue, White, and a
pulsing, changing color. What switch can I use and what parts would I

That was the rest of the question. Read the extra details.

There is a difference between a switch and a control circuit with switches, Steve's reply is fair when you use the word switch and not switches or control circuit.

"And what parts would I need?" You both leave off the whole second part of the second question.

That is because you have a hole in your question and your profile.

Suggesting parts is no good if you cant get them and you don't even say what content you live on. Remember this is the WWW and North American standard is different from European Standard which is different from Eastern European standard and so on.

Where do you live?

How do you want to power it?

And do you want a control circuit with switches?

Or do you want a rotating switch?

To suggest parts with out knowing these things would be like tossing a penny off the top of the CN tower into a coffee cup.

Lets say you want a control circuit with 1 push button to do all the switching and powered by a 9 volt battery.

You will need to incorporate these circuits into your control circuit.

A voltage regulator circuit.

A one shot circuit.

A counter circuit.

A timer circuit.

And buffer circuits depending on the power needs of your LEDs.

This circuit is made with my standard stalk circuits and it will work from 35 volts down to 7 volts.

I connected the circuits so you turn on the circuit.

Push one button to go from red to green to blue to white and rotating flash.

Push the second button to reset the circuit.

And adjust the pot to change the speed of the flashing mode to your liking.

Toggle switch 1 to turn the circuit on.

Push button switch 2 for the one shots clock and reset.

1 50 kΩ dual pot to adjust the speed of the 555 timer clock.

3 1uf 10 volt electrolytic capacitors

1 1uf 35 volt electrolytic capacitor

1 220uf 35 volt electrolytic capacitor

1 4.7uf 10 volt electrolytic capacitor

1 10nf capacitor

3 1kΩ ¼ watt resistor

1 18kΩ ¼ watt resistor

3 220Ω ¼ watt resistor

1 2N3904 transistor

1 555 timer

1 LM7805 IC

1 SN74LS04 IC

5 SN74LS74 ICs

1 on indicator LED your choice of color

1 4 pin RGB LED

2 1N4001 diodes

14 1N4148 switching diodes

These people are good to buy semiconductors from and they are well priced.


Answer 5.png

Ok so you can get anything.

I can prity much design anything.

How many LEDs?

Do you like the LED and circuit with the one push button and a 9 volt battery?

I have the schematic in my files somewhere and can post it tomorrow, I must go out as soon as my ride gets here.