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How can I make a 9 volt shocker? Answered

Okay.I want to build a shocker with a nine volt battery.No soldering iron.I have lots of 9 volt batteries. Note:A 9 volt shock is wanted .Not 300 volts. Thanks,bylerfamily


Be more descriptive of what you need it for. If you want a 9v shock stick it to your tounge.

I know this post is rather old now, but i've just stumbled across it. For your interest, a few years back i purchased a 'electric shock pen' for laughs from a local novelty store. The pen looked like any other and was presumably wired up with some very small batteries because it was too small to even consider cramming AAA batteries into it (and obviously a 9V was out of the question). Clicking the end of the pen with my thumb created a very appreciable shock. In fact, it was so impressive that my mate (who loves a good practical joke), insisted on buying it off me the same day! So, i'm a little confused now because the comments in this post suggest that a fair voltage is needed to appreciate a shock, but i can assure you that this wasn't the case with my electrocution-pen. Have i missed something or misinterpreted the advice provided here? I would be grateful if someone could offer some clarification. Thanks in advance.

Step one, ask victim to hold out their tongue. Step two, place 9v battery terminals on tongue. Your friends aren't going to feel it otherwise.

You can't feel 9V unless it's on your tongue.

You need to increase the voltage (and decrease the current) to generate a decent shock. Use the search box (top right of the page) to find the shocker of your choice.

In otherwords,I couldn't shock someone if I connected a nine volt battery clip to a battery and touched the wires to my arm?

Okay.I ended up taking the igniter out of a lighter.10,000 volts but it does not hurt that bad.(Which is what I wanted in the first place)