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How can I make a Bookcase Door? Answered

Scooby-Doo movies became famous for it, spy movies have been known to have them, Batman had one, and yet...
I used to live in Kansas, before I moved to Arizona, and while I was there I visited a place called Science City. It is basically an indoor amusement park with funky gizmos like a hologram of a fist sized diamond behind a painting, and a rocking chair that doubles as a power generator. But the thing that interested me most was a wall that revolved at the center, becoming a door that would lead to another room. I asked some of the employees about it, but it must be a trade secret since they all said they couldn't, or wouldn't tell me. One of them even denied the existence of such a wall! Ever since then, I have seen various recreations like this in spy and mystery movies. I think that this would be the coolest thing ever. You see, when you turn the wall around, one side is a fake bookcase, the other is a blank wall. It turns 180 degrees, then you have to turn it the other way. I want one of those in a cabin that my family is building up in the mountains. Since it would have to be custom built, I would need a very good idea of where to start. Anything in the way of advice, answers, or even speculations anyone could give me would be absolutely great.
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5 years ago

Have a look at some of the ibles on the right side of this page and more
if you search the site.
The third one down is my choice.
( I used to think myself a lone wolf at yor age too ;-)


The problem is that all of those are the ones that open on a hinge. I am trying to figure out how to build one that works like a revolving door with only two sides. Not unlike the 4-sided revolving doors that they have at office buildings and hospital visitor entrances.

Understand only two singing sides rotating around a center shaft......
But you and I are not  mechanical engineers.
Hope someone knows how to make one, good luck searching.

take a good look at the links on the right, marked as related.