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How can I make a Tesla earthquake device? Answered


Give Me a Answer then I Will coment

Watch the episode of Mythbusters where they make an eight inch long device that can impart a slight (though noticeable) wobble to a big fuckoff bridge then upscale about a billion times.

someone who shoots cannonballs through residential neighborhoods is NOT SCIENCE. it is an entertainment show. they seldom use proper methods.
if you take their conclusions for fact, you've need to do some independent research.

Since his device wasn't real... who knows?

How do you know the device wasn't real? Resonance is an important consideration in engineering, and is very real. Many of Tesla's inventions are still in use today, he changed the world. He had it tough in those days, since the tools, materials, and equipment weren't available. Most everything he made, was from the most basic components and tools, often making his own. The oscillator he used was a small air powered cylinder. I think the frequency range of 6-8 hz is a little high, believe its around 4 hz., but it would depend on the surroundings. Different materials respond to different frequencies. I have no doubts that the device is real. I have a 250 KV Tesla coil, it works and get 7-8 inch arcs. I've seen a Tesla turbine in action (loud scream). We all use AC electricity from the wall, and AC motors. Why would people lie about a simple oscillator?

find the resenat freqency of the earths crust and then make the mother of all speekers, and set if off playing this freqency at the loundest volume posible. (note I am talking about a speeker that will probably be the size of a small country).

Well, for starters you need a brilliant genius that is born every 100000000000000 years, like Tesla.... When you got that its all easy... PS: If you are interested in Tesla, feel free to send me a PM regarding any questions about him, i know quite a lot! :D