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How can I make a large-ish auto waterer for my rabbit hutch? Thanks? Answered

I want to know how to create a self-waterer for my rabbit hutch using the nozzles that came on the small bottles the rabbits have now. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any ideas since I am disabled and watering the bunnies has become quite a chore. Thank you in advance to the team for any help you can offer.



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You could attach tubing (PVC) to the nozzles and hook-up to a tank. But remember that the water does need a degree of freshness - you will have to change it, or go for a complicated plumbed-in supply.


I know it has been a few years, but I found out that a garden hose fits right on to the bottle nipple, with a few wire ties, an a way to adjust the water pressure, you can have a never ending supply during the non-freezing months. As for a bucket set up, I would suggest a fitting that you can drill into a bucket that fits the same garden hose, a control valve to regulate the flow of water, and you should be all set, drag out the hose, fill the bucket from the top, and all done

There's an easy way to do this.  I used this same method when I was growing and selling mice and rats.

The nozzles fit on 2 liter soda bottles.  You can cut the bottom off, turn it over and it will fit into itself.  That's your lid.  Instead of taking the bottle off, taking the nozzle off, carrying it to the sink, replacing the nozzle and re-hanging it onto the hutch - just remove that lid and re-fill the bottle with a hose or from a pitcher.

You'll still have to wash the nozzle once in awhile like normal.

The other thing you can do is keep extra bottles on hand and swap the empties with full ones so that you can clean and re-fill at your own pace.

I'd also recommend checking your nozzle to make sure it doesn't leak since that will add to the amount of times you have to refill.

You can check online and there are auto-watering systems available that can be adapted to run off a garden hose, but they're expensive and if something gets stuck in the nozzle, you can waste gallons and gallons of water.

Growing gives me wired ideas, breeding is more normal. But maybe you're evil and have a special-system...

Thanks for messing with my head.


Take a plastic bucket or water jug and drill holes in the bottom to mount a floatless toilet fill valve and a hose barb. The container doesn't need to be humongous, just large enough to contain the toilet valve.
Mount the valve securely, using food-grade silicone sealant to prevent leaks if necessary.
Run a hose from the hose barb to your bunny nozzle using an appropriate fitting, or if the small bottles are made of plastic you can put another barb on the bottle and connect the hose to that.
Put the bucket higher than the bunny cage, attach a garden hose to the toilet valve and turn the water on.
The bucket will fill with water until the toilet valve shuts it off. The water will run down the hose to the nozzle and the bunnies will drink.
Using the smallest bucket that will fit the valve will ensure that fresh water is continually being replenished.