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How can I make a moped faster? Answered


Your Moped,like nearly all Asian model's use the GY6 4 stroker originally designed by Honda back in the 80's.Which is a good thing since go fast parts are everywhere,I have seen video's of these suckers going 80mph.
Visit 'scootertronics.com' for intake,exhaust and cylinder head go fast pieces,this is just one of many companies out there supplying after market goodies.
Just remember these machines are not designed to go fast,and a pot hole is like a sink hole when your riding on 10" tires.
Good Luck

You can make a moped go faster just drill the peacock hole bigger. It will burn more or waste more gas. but it does make you moped go faster or just have to buy a bigger cc engine.


7 years ago

Thats a scooter not a moped.

More than likely you can't easily.

Gear ration, engine power. weight, drag are the biggest factors.

The attached pictures are typically attempts to reduce drag NSU quickly held the moped speed record for many years

How fast can you make one now?


7 years ago

Strap on some booster rockets.

Or attach a rope to a passing Porsche and hold on tight.

Lose weight, improve the performance of the motor, makes sure that the drivetrain is working as efficiently as possible, repack your wheel bearings, tune your brakes to ensure there's no ghosted drag...

Go down a steeper hill.

Add more power, reduce weight, reduce drag.

...specifically to answer your question, apply more force to it.