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How can I make a shoe rack for my coat closet that is like a pull out pantry? Answered

I have a full coat closet, approx 3' wide, but I don't want to take up the entire thing with shoes.  I have been looking at pull out pantries and thinking that I could attach side-sliding rails to one of the side walls of the closet and create a pull out shoe rack.  Only thing is, I suspect that it would take up  a fair amount of space (13" wide??) - is there a maximum angle I need to keep the rack (I am thinking ikea Komplement shoe rack) in order to keep the shoes on?  As well, we don't want the shoes to touch the coats, so I need to put a divider up - do I need to have holes in the divider to ensure air circulation?  How heavy duty should the slider be?  Is there a better, more inventive solution that I have not seen or thought of?  I am brand new to the world of DIY, so consider me a complete novice and please point out the smallest details!!




8 years ago

To make it cheap and stable you'll need some normal drawers with a frame to not damage the walls. About the air holes in the divider, I would leave that out as not to stink up your coats. make sure enough drawers fit in so all the shoes have their space.

Hope I was of some help!


You don't want sliders! You want one of these!


Sliders specifically made for pull-out pantries can be obtained from various cabinetry and woodworking catalogs. Those would probably be overkill for your needs; they'll carry 250 to 300 pounds of load. But they're designed for top-and-bottom mounting and long extension, so they might still be the easiest choice.

If you want to use standard drawer slides you'll have to design your box so they can mount to it. How heavy-duty, and how much of a throw you need, depend on the size of your design, its weight, and the weight of the shoes.

Beyond that... I'm not a hugely experienced woodworker myself, so I can't advise you much beyond "Look at magazines/books, and find a design you think can be adapted to your need or advice on design practices therein."