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How can I make a small TV using a small LCD screen? Answered

I have a movie project idea that requires the use of a prop with one heck of a twist. Im trying to make a "Crystal Ball" that can project a movie from the inside of the ball, and I need to find some way to make it work without the necessary use of any tv or usb cables, even though it can use them. (Ex: in one shot, the actor is holding the ball, and is visible from head to his waist, but there are no cables running from the ball) So it could use video data from an SD card or a USB and also be used as a TV. The largest ball I can find is a 3" diameter clear plastic craft ball from a nearby hobby shop in a neighboring town. I guess what im asking in a nutshell is "how small can you make a diy projector?" Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!


you will need a data proccessor for your LCD screen, and an AV encoder, which converts Video (yellow plug), into a data stream which can be read by the LCD proccessor.
this is very complex what your doing here.

but, there is an upside, you can use a wireless AV receiver transmitter pair, to transmit AV from a device capable of using it. they generally cost $15, and are like thin chip boards with a thin metal case about 5mm over the board.

all you need is a decoder chip which is compatible with your LCD's data input (makes raw data stream the proccessor can take) , that is requiring you have such a thing, and dont just have a blank LCD screen which needs each individual pixel hooked up!

media player --> av cable --> av transmitter -----0 0------av receiver---> decoder/av adaptor for lcd---> LCD

good luck

Neat! But after reading all that, i tried to look for those parts, mainly the data processor, encoder, the transmitter receiver pair, and the decoder/adapter and couldn't find anything good to use. not even on eBay. just to find these parts, where can i be pointed in the right direction?

whoops i forgot the link

heres a start. make sure you have your encoder chips first before you go and buy these ok

the data proccessor should be built into most LCD screens, these are all IC chips/transistor arrays, youll have to ask an expert as to which of the vast amount of IC chips out there will do the job. sorry i cant be of more help.

almost all LCD screens have a built in data proccessor, so i wouldnt worry much about that.

once again, you must seek proffesional help, most likely beyond most aside from lemmonie, who knows it might be dangerous, which is good to have repeated to you and steveastrouk, who seems to know allot in general about electrical engineering. dont PM lemmonie. PM steve

This is some very good stuff! I also found out the ball im trying to use is 4" in diameter.

After seeing all of this, ill have to save up some money if i want to make this with modern technology. for now, ill try something a little more old fashioned, so i guess im trying to make a small film projector the size of a grapefruit!