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How can I make a snowglobe costume that a child can also walk in? Answered

I would like to make a snowglobe costume with the child inserted in it, yet still able to walk. Having blowing snow in it would be great. Does anyone know what I could use as the globe? It must be domed, clear, and lightweight.


Best thought I've got is something structured like a hoop skirt, but raised to ride under the armpits rather than at the waist. Wrapping yourself in plastic can be pretty blankety-blank hot. Wrapping yourself in plastic can also be danterous, if it gets over your head somehow (eg, if you fall into it.) So I'd suggest thinking in terms of a sheer fabric instead. Or in terms of a non-sheer fabric with the globe's contents simply painted onto its surface.


8 years ago

what if you bought something like this and somehow converted it into a costume...trying to think how that could be accomplished. Or maybe buy some clear vinyl from the fabric store and sew it into a globe. Use a pattern for a pumpkin costume...hmmm

Smart grrl! (I really don't do costuming very well m'self)

You don't mean the child would be literally inside the globe, do you? I would worry about the plastic beads becoming lodged in his/her lungs.

If you mean that he/she would wear it like a really fat donut, maybe you could use a Christmas snowglobe (one of those ones for the front yard) as a starting point, but you'll need some method for "sewing" the plastic together, like a press iron, although I have no clue what temperature you'd need to run at.

Picture taking the globe and pinching it at the N and S poles, allowing air to escape until the poles touch in the center, now spread that point to fit a child's body.. If you paint the inside areas silver, or paint a tree or some other feature, then viewers will see a statue of sorts in the middle, with the child sticking thru it. I suppose that's what you meant in the first place...lol

Best of luck!