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How can I make a spark gap powered by a 9 volt battery? Answered

I had an idea for a project where I will (literally) Set Fire To The Rain. So I need a spark gap. Anyone know how to do this? I think it would be easy to charge, then discharge a flash capacitor. If that's a good plan, where can I find a schematic for a charging circuit?


Alright thanks. What should I look for in a transformer to know if it's the right one?

Ask a radio shack for a small 12 VAC transformer,
I assume you live in a part of the world that has 220 VAC.


6 years ago

Here is a good spark generator for you..   .   A


Can you explain how this works? What's with the big line of diodes and capacitors?

The U1 555, MOSFET and transformer create an AC voltage on the secondary ( 230V ) output side.
  1. When the coil top side is positive current flows through D1 charging C9.
  2. When the same point goes negative current is pulled through C9 through D2 charging C3.
  3. When positive again current flows through C3 through D3 charging C6 and C9..
  4. When negative again current is pulled through C9 through C6 through D4 charging C4 and C3.
  5. When positive again current flows through C3 through C4 through D5 charging C7, C6 and C9..
  6. So on as the transformer polarity alternates the capacitors each build up a couple of hundred volt charge by successive bouts of sequential charging..
The voltage of series capacitors C9-C6-C7-C8 adds up to +2000 VDC
at the spark terminal with respect to ground.