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How can I make an IR on/off switch? Answered

Hey Instrucables community! 

I have a question. Of course, wanting to impress my friends, I want to make my electronics pop on and off with a push of a button (or two :-)
So, how would I make a simple wireless on/off switch using IR without microcontrollers or IC's other than the 555 (because that's all i have :-).
Isn't there a simple way to use a transistor as a switch to help me accomplish this?




OK... I was wrong and i have no shame saying that: You indeed CAN make a T-FlipFlop out of a 555.

So all left is a simple IR-Diode with a momentary switch as transmitter (Sort of a IR-Flashlight) and an IR-reciever (-Diode or -Transistor) as reciever.
And thats something you should being able to come up with, right?

Yup. So the circuit I want is called a flip flop? Hey thanks!

Sorry about my noobness!

IR flashlight thingy won't be a problem for me!

Thanks for your time!

Yes. You need a flip-flop. And to be exact: A T-FlipFlop.
T stands for Toggle.
So every time you kick it, it changes its output.

Hey thanks Omgrimm! T-FlipFlop. Now I have to study up and find out how to make one!

You have 555's, right? So you can make one out of those. See my post above @ Jan 7, 2013. 4:19:

Oh ok I see you can make a T-flipflop with the 555. Good thing I mentioned it!
Hey thanks for all the help!

If you dont have an IR-recieving diode, you are out of luck since a 555 cannot recieve optical energy.
The same goes for a normal transistor like a BC547 or familiar.
They work with corrents and voltages, not with lux and lumen.

Also the best you can achieve with a 555 is a set and reset like seen here: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/electronics-components-the-555-in-bistable-flipflo.html
But since you only seem to have a 555 and no decoder-chips for different IR-commands, you are dead in the water.

Haha yeah I know that IC and the other stuff can receive light and stuff! I was just saying it's my only IC. Thanks!

Haha OK Really? I know if I want to have an IR module I need and IR reciver! I shouldn't have mentioned the 555 :-) I was just saying thats the only IC i have! What decoder chips do I have to get? It only needs to be on and off!

Yeah as you first said I think what I want it called a flip flop circuit I guess.

Oh, and I do have and IR detector.

Also check out the page @ http://www.bowdenshobbycircuits.info/page9.htm and ESPECIALLY the section "CMOS Toggle Flip Flop Using Laser Pointer" to see how to pick up light with an optical transistor to act as push-button.
Marry that with the T-flipflop made of a 555 and you can roll on! :)