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How can I make an output socket of 10v in my car Answered

I need to make a outlet of 10v to connect directly to my laptop by the battery connectors (Old toshiba 430cds for a carmp3 project) Dunno about the amps needed or the watt consumption of the laptop. I don't want to use a inverter (as I think it'd be pretty useless to rise from 12v to 120v then lowering to 10v...)


I'd agree that a cheap inverter is probably the best route. If you don't even have a 10v plug on it, you'd have to hack it apart to install that, then find/fabricate a 10v converter. If you do have a 10v input somewhere on it, it might be more likely to be a good idea. If you need a way to get 10v out of the lighter jack in general, cell phone chargers or other "car attachment" stuff is a good option. Usually thrift stores and garage sales have them in droves for almost nothing (the devices their proprietary connectors worked with long gone) that can be pressed into service by chopping off the end and checking with a voltmeter what is what. Takes a little luck sometimes, but there's so many around that it's usually possible to find almost any voltage below 12v pretty easily.


8 years ago

do you have the power adapter?

the replacement is rated @ 15v @ 3amps. Which doesn't match your specs.

you might be able to use something like: http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM350.html

to make a voltage regulator.

the laptop doesn't have a external power adaptor, I plug a 120v cable directly to be more precise, I took the 10v from the battery spec, which is 10,8v rated 3600mah

If you don't know the requirements, you're kinda SOL. Wish I could help, but all I can say is adjustable DC/DC converter. ~$60/2A

You may think it's useless but it might be the easiest way. Otherwise what you have to do is find a cigarette outlet plug that has a 10v. regulator in it or build one. That's not too hard to do if you're handy with electronics. There are lots of schematics on the web to do it. Me I'd just use the 110v invert that I've already got and plug my computer charger into that. I can generate all the power I need to run it off my car system.