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How can I make flavored water using natural ingredient and it keeps the water color? Answered


What flavour?
Salt, sugar, citric acid, gin?


Another possibility: Start with something that is almost clear, such as a weak lemonade, and run it through a coffee filter. You might lose some of the flavor, but you'd also remove most of the larger particles and get another step closer to clear.

I use lemon juice or lime juice in water. It's almost colourless. It might depend on the amount you use. Tastes good too.

i saw this show on MSNBC where this woman made millions on flavored water. All she did was cut up a bunch of fruit, soak it in the water and then strain it. she later bottled it up and sold it.
i havent tried it in person.

Are you saying you want the water to remain uncolored?

If so, one of the alcohol-based extracts used in baking -- lemon, for example -- would be one solution.