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How can I make lights that turn on when I open my shed door? Answered

I've just put together a shed for my motorbike that will soon have electricity wired to it.
I want to make a lighting system that turns on the lights when I open the door and turns them off when I close them.

I don't want to spend a load of money so was thinking relays and microswitches.

Any thoughts or opinions would be great!



You can buy a switch as used in refrigerator or alternatively you can make your own switch. These videos may help:

The jam switch that Re-Design mentioned is the way to go as long as your door has a jam to close against. with minor notching and enough electrical skill to install it safely it would be the best option. if you have a Home Depot near by they should be around 13 dollars and they come with instructions. Good luck and i hope this was helpful.

I'd go with an occupancy sensor. You can get those from hardware stores. They sense when a person enters the room and turn the lights on. That's good if you have your hands full with parts for your workshop - you don't have to turn on any switches.

Put the regular switch near the door, with a plastic flapper that hits the switch as the door opens past it. The switch would need to be installed sideways, so it turns on/off horizontally, not vertically.

switch one.jpeg

What you need is called a "jam switch".

You should be able to find one at your local hardware store in the electrical section.

The switch, some wire and a light socket is all you need.

Get a simply push switch that is on utill it is realesed and make it so the shed door pushes on it utill you open the door.


7 years ago

Just use a "Push Off, Release On" switch like the ones for your car doors or refrigerator.

A micro switch on your door would be good. The light would come on when you opened up, but it would go off when you closed the door behind you, just like a refrigerator.(I climbed inside to check :) You would need an over ride switch to allow light while you were in the shed with the door shut. There are many solutions to this, but if cost and ease are your main problems, how about one of those motion sensor lights? Some of them have adjustments for sensitivity (probably not relevant since you will be close to it), duration (so it won't stay on for too long after you lock up) and also an over ride function (so the light doesn't go on and off at a critical moment). They are also very cheap.