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How can I make my external hard drive read an sd card reader for backing up photographs without a pc? Answered

I have a Clickfree automatic backup external hard drive which only has a usb cable to connect to the computer. The other end that connects to the hard drive is one that looks like the ones on phones. Ok, you can tell I'm not a computer person. I'm going to Italy and I would like to back up my raw files on sd cards with out bringing a laptop. We will be in the country most of the time and internet will be difficult. Can I do this?


Thank you so much everyone. I have spent sometime checking out the reply and figuring out what I am going to do. I really appreciate it. I want to do more than just save the sd cards. thanks a lot.

The answer is "Connect the external hard drive to a computer with an SD card reader".



5 years ago

What you are thinking about doing with what you have will not work. An external drive has only the drive controllers. There is a specific product that you are thinking of though and it is called a Photo Bank. They are becoming less common because memory chips have become so cheap and large that most people just get extra memory cards. Here are a few of the current photobanks that Google found. There appear to be a number of them but how expensive they are and how good they will work I have no idea.

I have an old one and it worked OK when my pictures were less than a meg in size. Now it is so slow that I don't use it at all anymore.

This one looks interesting but I can't tell if it includes a hard drive.  If it does then it is a pretty good price. If you have to supply your own then its a little pricey for a drive enclosure.

Another thought on that last one. If you get a small SSD hard drive for it , like a 128 Gig it would probably work much better. The SSD would be shock proof and it draws much less power so the battery would last longer. And finally they are much faster than regular drives so if that enclosure works good it would work really good with an SD drive.