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How can I make my son's Risk game magnetic? Answered

I was thinking of copying the game board and gluing it to a piece of metal.  And then painting the "men" with magnetic paint, however, the paint is so pricey (especially if this doesn't work).  I was hoping to find a way to make my own magnetic paint....or perhaps a different way to accomplish this.  Any ideas?


Is this the old school Risk where the pieces are various painted wood geometric shapes, mostly rectangular in profile?
You could go with a magnet base, at least under the land masses, and replace the pieces with painted steel. Make the pieces by going to the hardware store and by some small stock, i.e. .25"x.25"x36", in various shapes like square and round.

Alternatively, use a steel base and buy something like Buckycubes in various colors. Not sure if the cubes come in the same color variety as the balls but maybe worth a look.

I believe this set is from 1985. It has the little men that look like they carry guns, cannons, etc. Most of them have a round base that they stand up on.

I am starting to think that my best bet would be to paint the magnets like one person suggested instead of attaching them to the "men".

You could befriend someone with a 3D printer and design and print new pieces with a larger base for holding a magnet. There are also companies that will print your designs for you but that could be expensive.

As i typed that I had an idea: It is possible that you could find some sort of cap that matches the diameter of the base. Simply glue a magnet into the cap and glue the cap to the base of each piece.

Also you could get a bunch of sugru, embed a magnet in some, and stick it to the base of the piece. You can mix sugru into most any color, again this could get expensive depending on the size of the pieces bases and magnets used. I'd say at least 3 but maybe closer to 6 or more pieces could be done per mini packet so one bag could do around 70 probably if you don't worry about the color.

I bought some extremely small neodymium magnets on ebay. 1/16 of an inch in sized and 200+ for less than $10. Gluing those on the bottom of the pieces and just placing your game board on a piece of metal should work out well.

Thanks. I will see if I can find those. I wonder if those are the jewelry magnets that someone else told me about.

See these magnetic sculpture sets (pic) - full of little magnets if you cut them up.
You can find then 2nd hand (because they get boring rather quickly)


What a great idea...I wonder how hard they would be to dismantle....

will keep my eye out for some to try.

Keep in mind that most of the "magnetic paint" on the market makes the surface attract magnets, not have magnetic properties. So you won't get what you describe from it.

This is exactly the kind of info I was wanting. Thanks! So If I adhered the game board paper to a magnet, then I could use the paint I suppose. Thanks so much!

I'd be concerned you'd get enough "sticking" power.

We've used the paint on our gameroom wall and it provides a weak

It seems to me, you'd be better off creating your own "men" using
small magnets, painting them appropriate colors. You'd hopefully
have a better chance of success.

My $0.02

You can buy tiny magnets from, I think, jewellery suppliers.

Now thats not a bad idea...thanks...I'll check into it.


6 years ago

i made a set of magnetic chess men by gluing pieces of those rubberized refrigerator magnets to the bottom of each piece. I peeled the paper advertisement off and glued that side to the piece. I used epoxy glue but Gorilla glue should work as well.

I wondered about doing that...but these men are much smaller than a chess piece...the base they stand on is maybe the size of a pea. Thanks for your answer.